Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kaplan University Phone Call

I did it! I finally got off my butt and researched info on a career in Medical Billing and Coding! I specifically looked at Kaplan University because they have a location close to where I work. Once I completed the information request I was told to expect a phone call from an admissions representative within 24hrs.

Within a few minutes (no surprise there) I received a phone call from Laura Mancini. In case you're interested in such a program she can be reached at 866-542-4042, ext. 54397. Anywho... she proceeded to "interview" me using about 200 different sales tactics that I've learned over the years in an attempt to persuade me to join the next online class that happens to start August 27th. Just to put that sense of urgency in there, the next class doesn't start for another 10-12 months. Laura also stated that Kaplan receives about 2500 requests per year for this program and that only 4% are accepted for the course. Much to my surprise, with no request for transcript, resume or financial means to pay for the course, I was accepted as one of the elite 4%. WOOOOO!!!

Oh come ON people... gimme a break! Do they really think a person with enough intelligence to want to make a career in medical billing would fall for these shenanigans? Why not call perspective students and offer meaningful information on the course and financial aid so a normal, intelligent potential student/customer could make an informed decision?

I'm at a loss as to what to do next. I had my sights set on Kaplan for a variety of reasons and now don't want to give them the time of day. I'll have to do more research and see what other option are out there.

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